Guitars and Basses

L to R: '92 Gibson LPB1 bass, sounds fantastic but hard to play and weighs a ton; 80s Greco thunderbird clone, my favorite for recording; * 99ish Danelectro DC bass, weighs nothing, really fun to play and sounds cool too.

L to R: * '71 Gibson EB0 (converted to EB3 by original owner), cool old-school rumble tone, unbelievably bassy, fun to play but not really my style;

  • cheapo Alvarez acoustic guitar, unknown age, borrowed this in college and never gave it back;

  • 99ish Danelectro U2 guitar, great little beater.

And my old faithful 1982 Ibanez Blazer, had this since I was 12. I've really put this one through the wringer as you can see. Getting a little tired of the puke paint job I did around 96. Alembic pickups and preamp sounds really nice.


This is the rig I've been really happy with for a couple years now. From top to bottom:

Salad: Greek.

Head: Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.0 is incredibly loud and portable, sounds great with everything flat and easy to adjust. Nice overdrive.

Cabs: Euphonic Audio CXL110, sounds incredible but not really loud enough by itself. You could run anything through this speaker - vocals, keyboards, etc.

Under that is an EA CXL112, more bark and a lot louder than the 110. The pair of them together is great.

The thing about the low end on the EA cabs is that it is totally smooth down to low E and beyond. No booming resonant frequencies at all. Just tight and clear all the way from top to bottom. I've played this rig outdoors with no PA help and was amazed how much low end I was able to project to the audience.