I looove chai and I'm always looking for something that satisfies my cravings.


Yogi Chai Black

This now seems to be impossible to get. It was the best :( Noticeable cardamom flavor, enough ginger and black pepper to give it a little zing without overwhelming.

Tulsi Masala Chai

Pleasant, mild, slightly spicy. Not enough cardamom for my taste. More flavor than the Stash chai though.

Stash Chai Spice Black Tea

Bland. There's a bit of peppery spice to the aftertaste that lingers a long time, but while you're drinking it, overall it's too mild and forgettable. The black tea doesn't have much flavor either.

Herbal or decaf

Yogi Chai Rooibos

My other favorite. Just as delicious as the black variety. By far the best thing when you don't want caffeine.

Thankfully Yogi does not seem to have discontinued this one!


Yogi Chai Green

I don't see this sold anymore sadly. More gingery than the other Yogi varieties, which seems to pair well with the green flavor. It's not much like any black chai - green tea just has too different and strong a taste of its own. But I like what they've done with it, it's quite tasty.


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