I play the bass


More about this on the Music page

I am a lifelong member of ARMS

Since about 2005 or so I've been playing power-pop and classic rock with the World Record Players


I have some stuff

Custom Bass Project

Maybe only a dream; I started planning and gathering parts in September 2003 and STILL on the back burner.

More here

.. maybe some day it'll actually get done?

Fave Bassists

Oh, lots: Mike Watt, Tony Levin, John Entwistle, Paul McCartney, Rose Thompson, Cordell Mosson, Jerald Jemott, Colin Greenwood, Pete Farndon, James Jamerson, Tina Weymouth, and I'll throw in Tommy Cogbill just for having played Aretha's version of "Respect" (lots of other great stuff too, but that one is hard to beat).