SlinkP musical discography


Founding member. 1994(?) - present, though not much active for some years.

cdbaby - Salt Notice (1999)

cdbaby - Urban Sundial (1997)

World Record Players

Bass from 2003(?) - present


myspace - more music here


Giggle the Ozone (2007-2008)

There are a couple recordings with me: I played on two tracks on Expo Nexus and on "Cave of the Unknown Baby", the latter a never released split single with Scissor Shock.




Tailhead (2005?)

With Jeffrey Von Ragan. There were a few home recordings that I will put up at some point.

Mercy Jar (2003ish)

No recordings with me :(

Matthew Schickele - 90s Home Recordings

I played guitar (??) on Raking in the Green and slide bass solo on Small Talk

The whole mad great collection is here

Tribe 1 (1996?)

Studio assist only - did bass for two tracks on their first CD.


Canary (1994)

Proto-ARMS. Nothin' left of this but a cassette and some flyers, if I can find them.

Bookman (1992-1993)

My last college band. I have some cassettes but nothing digital.

Snack Chunk (1990-1992)

My college band, with Abby Grush, Ruth Keating, and (briefly) Alan Heifetz.

Thanks to Abby, everything we ever recorded appears to be on soundcloud!

Bard College Composers Ensemble (1989-1993)

I am pretty sure that I am on the "a score is a stimulus" recording on OS CD 6.

There was a vast amount of other things recorded on cassette, but this one is actually findable.