SlinkP musical discography

World Record Players

Bass from 2003(?) - present


myspace - more music here



1994(?) - present, though not active for some years. Co-founded with Benson Sebastian @freebenvita. Our longtime drummer was Pete Caigan

Salt Notice (CD released 1999) on youtube music

Urban Sundial (CD released 1997) on youtube music

Note that all other releases by "Arms" are by other bands that took our name and came later. Accept no substitutes.

Giggle the Ozone (2007-2008)

There are a couple recordings with me: I played on two tracks on Expo Nexus and on "Cave of the Unknown Baby", the latter intended for a never-released split single with Scissor Shock.




Tailhead (2005?)

With Jeffrey Von Ragan. There were a few home recordings that I will put up at some point.

Mercy Jar (2003ish)

No recordings with me :(

Matthew Schickele - 90s Home Recordings

I played guitar (??) on Raking in the Green and slide bass solo on Small Talk

The whole mad great collection is here

Tribe 1 (1996?)

Studio assist only - did bass for two tracks on their first CD.


Canary (1994)

Proto-ARMS. Nothin' left of this but a cassette and some flyers, if I can find them.

Bookman (1992-1993)

My last college band. I have some cassettes but nothing digital.

Snack Chunk (1990-1992)

Complete recordings, on soundcloud!

This was my college band, with Abby Grush, Ruth Keating, and (briefly) Alan Heifetz.

Bard College Composers Ensemble (1989-1993)

I am pretty sure that I am on the "a score is a stimulus" recording on OS CD 6.

There was a vast amount of other things recorded on cassette, but this one is actually findable.