Migrating Trac Wikis to Github

I haven't automated this yet, but will if I ever do this again.

  • Get a trac wiki export: trac-admin $PWD wiki dump /tmp/wiki-dump/

  • cd /tmp/wiki-dump

  • Rename the home page: mv WikiStart Home

  • Clean up trac-specific junk: rm -f Wiki* Trac* CamelCase BadIP PageTemplates Inter* SandBox TitleIndex RecentChanges

  • Trac syntax is pretty close to MediaWiki syntax, but this may also help... http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:TracWiki2MediaWiki#How_to_use ... also need to name the files .wiki

$ for f in *; do perl ~/bin/perl/TracWiki2MediaWiki.pl $f; mv $f.after $f.wiki; done

  • Create your github repo

  • Clone its wiki by adding .wiki to the repo name: git clone git@github.com:slinkp/scratch.wiki.git

  • Add your content:

 cd scratch.wiki/
 git rm -f Home.md
 cp /tmp/wiki-dump/*wiki .
 git add *wiki
 git commit
 git push
  • View your wiki and hand-fix anything borken.