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  1. Thread Locals in Python: Mostly easy

    Thread locals are an interesting idea: a way to give each thread its own storage, useful for global state that you don't want to share between threads.

    The obvious caveat is that threadlocals are still effectively global (for the current thread), and like all global state, should be treated with …

  2. Cataracts? Really? Yes

    I had cataract removal surgery this year. Twice: My left eye was done in May 2016, and my right eye in October.

    Since most people I know have no experience of this and are curious about it, I wrote up a description of the experience as a Q&A.

    Aren't …

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  3. Finally, a blog

    As a birthday present to myself, and a fit of fiddling while Rome burns, I have junked the ooooooold website, thrown out a bunch of cruft, and finally started that blog I never got around to.

    Most of it is geeky programming stuff, but with forays into music and other …

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