1. Chai (bagged teas) reviews 2019

    I looove chai and I'm always looking for something that satisfies my cravings. So far I have only once tried hand-making my own chai spice mix, and it didn't turn out that well... I'll let you know if I ever come up with something good! Meanwhile I am trying lots …

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  2. Cataracts? Really? Yes

    I had cataract removal surgery this year. Twice: My left eye was done in May 2016, and my right eye in October.

    Since most people I know have no experience of this and are curious about it, I wrote up a description of the experience as a Q&A.

    Aren't …

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  3. Finally, a blog

    As a birthday present to myself, and a fit of fiddling while Rome burns, I have junked the ooooooold website, thrown out a bunch of cruft, and finally started that blog I never got around to.

    Most of it is geeky programming stuff, but with forays into music and other …

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